The Importance of Preventive Maintenance


In manufacturing, as important as it is to create quality products, it is crucial that products being used are properly maintained. In fact, preventative maintenance is a significant aspect of working with machinery and components. Downtime associated with machinery failure accounts for major losses in efficiency and money.

Some components may be more in plain view than others, and it’s important to remember to perform maintenance on everything, large and small. While it’s impossible for anyone to predict problems to come, what one can do to combat issues is prevention. Set up parameters to follow—indicators of how a machine should be functioning and ways of establishing when there is a problem. Furthermore, set up a routine, a maintenance schedule which you adhere to stringently; set tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Also important is to know common reasons for equipment failure. For instance, did you know the number one cause of machinery malfunctioning…

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