6 Companies That Are Investing Big in America


By: KURTIS DROGE – re-posted from Wall Street Cheat Sheet.

Phrases like “Made in America” have become major selling points for many products in today’s markets, especially in the auto industry, where demonstrating which parts are made or assembled in American plants, rather than overseas, has become virtually a norm. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find out the exact impact of having operations in America. Which companies are actually investing in the United States, and which are not?

 That was the question the Progressive Policy Institute decided to tackle when it published a report on the companies executing the most capital expenditures in the U.S. This year’s list, which looks at companies from the Fortune 150, contains a surprising number of investment by firms in the energy and telecom sectors. With both those areas being very capital intensive and investments dropping off slightly from sectors like tech…

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