Top Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors

July 23, 2013
By: Jena Tesse Fox
International Meetings Review

Eric Lundbohm, a B2B marketing professional and a self-described “big believer in trade shows,” recently shared a list of ways to make an exhibitor’s experience at an expo the best it can be. Here are a few excerpts from his suggestions:

Use a professional presenter. Walk around a show sometime and notice that the best presenters have the biggest crowns…They have personality plus. That’s what they do for a living. They will also deliver the message consistently. Non-pros have few of these aspects that make all the difference.

Dress everyone on the team the exact same. I’m talking about choosing both a branded shirt and a specific color and style of pants, so everyone really does look like they are a team. It’s not that easy to execute, but worth the effort.

Keep the booth spotless. It’s often real hard to tell everyone that they can’t leave their coat, rolling laptop bag and bulging trade show stuff bag in the booth…But it must be done. If you don’t have adequate storage space in the booth, warn attendees in advance (every time you communicate with them) and have alternative options.

Read more suggestions at Lindbohm’s site, and sound off below or on our Facebook page with your own tips on how to stand out at a trade show. How important is decor and design? Do you hire presenters or have your own team ready to answer questions? What mistakes do you see that hold exhibitors back? Share your insights!

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